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Book on Race and Law in Germany

Race in the Shadow of Law: State Violence in Contemporary Europe was published in 2016  with Routledge. The book's ethnographic and socio-legal analysis uses Germany as a focal point for analysing racial profiling, the 2005 death-in-custody of Sierra Leone-born asylum applicant Oury Jalloh, and Black-led anti-racism activism.  

Indenture Project: Kaala Paani and the Archive

From the late 1830s until 1917, South Asians and East Asians were indentured to work in British, Dutch and French colonies.  In Jamaica, this was, in particular, a means to prop up the sugar industry  after the abolition of slavery.  How do we tell the stories of indenture, using archival documents, family and ancestral memory, and legal or administrative histories?  This is the subject of my current book project.  Research for this project has been conducted at six archives in four countries.  The project has been supported by a guest fellowship at the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History.  


News & Upcoming Events

23, 24 & 25 April 2018
I'm delighted to be delivering a paper on deaths in custody in the UK and Germany at the Black Communities Conference in Durham, North Carolina. 

13 & 14 April 2018
I'll be speaking on a roundtable on legal and civil remedies to racial injustice at the Transatlantic Approaches to Racial Equality conference at the University of Cincinnati Law School. 

9 & 10 April 2018  
Symposium: State Violence at the Intersection: Race and Mental Health
Register now!  The call for papers has ended, but come join the discussion.   Supported by the Wellcome Trust, the symposium will take place at Birkbeck College.